Violent Cat Going To Be Put Down But Then She Revealed Her True Colors

All cats have their own personalities, thoughts and feelings just like humans, but unfortunately not many people could understand their cats thoroughly. We know sometimes they misbehave, but why don’t know the reasons behind their behaviors, and that misinterpretation often leads to unwanted consequences.

Ashley’s cat Storm had been a violent cat for over 10 years straight. The gray and white tabby always growled, bit and attacked her friends. In fact, she was so aggressive that her animal shelter even forced Ashley to declaw Storm to make sure she wouldn’t hurt people, but that didn’t work much either (not to mention how cruel it was).

The animal control threatened to put the cat down if she just bit one more person, and that horrible decision really freaked Ashley out. That’s when she knew she had to count on the help of an expert, and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy immediately got on the road right after hearing about Storm’s case.

Jackson and Storm’s first meeting wasn’t very different from what Ashley described, she hissed at him and attempted to attack the man as he tried to approach her. As Jackson commented, this kitty was “one big ticking time bomb”.

But Jackson soon realized that the cat was only defensive and wanted to protect her territory. She didn’t bite until she felt deeply threatened.

However, after Ashley showed up in the room, Storm’s attitude changed a bit. Hearing her voice and getting petted by her made him relax somehow. With the help of Ashley, Jackson even had the chance to pet Storm while the cat comfortably enjoyed their touches, and Ashley’s face was glowing with hope at that very moment.

Under the guidance of Jackson, Ashley spent the next few days to soothe Storm’s nerves and help her open up to strangers. And to their relief, once she started to calm down, Storm turned out to be a friendly love bug who absolutely didn’t mind being around humans at all. She even came up to say hi to Jackson on his next visit!

Let’s take a look at this cute girl’s transformation:

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