They won’t be so cute when they’ve grown up! Adorable white lion cubs cause a stir with their playful antics

Screw your eyes up and you could mistake them for lambs. But there’s nothing sheepish about these little animals.

They are five-week-old white lion cubs, which were born last month at Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Tasmania.

The pair have just been allowed to meet their public – and are bound to be huge hit.

Awww-together now: The fluffy brothers were born last month at a zoo in Tasmania

Name of the game: The zoo is letting the public decide what monikers should be given to the pair

Cute alert: The cubs have been relishing all the attention and are a huge hit with zoo staff
Park officials will have to use ‘here, kitty’ to summon the fluffy brothers because they haven’t yet been named.

And the job of deciding on their monikers is being left to the public.

Zoodoo owner Trevor Cuttriss told theĀ Herald Sun: ‘We are so excited here, especially to get two, because there are less than 300 white lions in the world and the species is extinct in the wild.

Logging their interest: The cubs just love exploring together

Who’s the mane man? Every day is play day for the lions

Rare breed: The cubs are two of only about 300 white lions in existence

‘We will have them here for about 12 months before they will move overseas. So the public are invited in to play and interact with the cubs while they are here.’

Unsurprisingly, the zoo’s staff have fallen in love with the animals, who are both relishing all the attention.

Mr Cuttriss added: ‘They can get a bit feisty, especially when you are cleaning milk off their faces. And they are really starting to love their cat-and-mouse games.’

White lion numbers have declined by 80 per cent in the past 20 years, according to the Global White Lion Trust.

The charity explains that white lions are not albinos, but a ‘genetic rarity unique to one endemic region on the globe – the Timbavati region in South Africa’.

The earliest recorded sighting of a white lion, the organisation says, was in 1938.


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