Poor Kittens Wait For Their Mother Who Will Never Come Back

Hope For Paws recently received an urgent text about abandoned kittens on a patio. Knowing that the kittens were in need, JoAnn Wiltz and her team immediately came to rescue them. Sheriff Erika, the woman who sent the message said that her coworker found the kittens on her patio. The mom had not been seen in many days and she was worried about the mama cat as there were many coyotes in the neighborhood.

The kittens were not eaten in a few days, so they were hungry and emaciated. The rescuers tried to put them in a carrier and took them to the office to fill their empty bellies up. Because of hunger, they ate quickly as if this was their last meal. One of the kittens was sick, anemic, and dehydrated, so JoAnn had to feed him by hand and give him Nutri-Cal to help raise his blood sugar.

The furbabies were then taken to San Gabriel Animal Advocates, where they got medical treatment and care that they needed. After being checked, they were given a nice and warm bubble bath. They were then fostered by great people at Kitt Crusaders. Thanks to the love and care of the vets and staff, the kittens are now healthier and happier. The weakest one is recovering nicely!

Watch the full rescue here:

The kittens lost their mom forever, but they are now in good hands. It will be better if they can find their forever home and great owners. They are now ready for adoption, so if you would like to give them a new life, you can contact Kitt Crusaders for more information. We are sure that these cute furbabies will make your life happier and warmer!

Every year, millions of feral cats are giving birth out on the streets, and as they have to go in search of food in order to produce milk for the babies, they have to cross busy roads, encounter coyotes, dogs, and other dangers. Please help Hope For Paws and other organizations prevent the suffering of so many innocent kittens. Donating here will take just a minute of your time, and it will help them save so many more lives.

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