One-month-old rare Sumatran tiger cub takes its first wobbly steps outside at London Zoo in adorable footage

This is the adorable moment a Sumatran tiger cub took its first steps outside at London Zoo.

Footage filmed yesterday shows the cub taking its first wobbly steps outdoors – exactly a month after its birth on December 12.

The cub can be seen walking under a log and crossing the leaf-covered floor towards its mother, 10-year-old Gaysha.

The adorable cub tried to follow its parent out of the cubbing den at ZSL London Zoo

It could be seen trotting across the den on a specialised cub-cam set up to capture its birth
In a cute scene, the baby Sumatran tiger – a critically endangered subspecies – can be seen struggling to negotiate a small step on the threshold of the den.

Eventually, it gets over it and ventures into the main outdoor enclosure at the zoo for the first time.

ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kathryn Sanders said: ‘The cub has so far mostly stayed tucked up with Gaysha in their cosy behind-the-scenes cubbing den but with such lovely weather yesterday it’s clear she decided it was time for her little one to take its first steps in the outside world.’

The toddling cub struggled to get over the step as it went into the open for the first time

Gaysha was pictured affectionately licking her cub as she waited for it to follow her

Eventually the precocious cub overcame the step to go out into the main enclosure for the first time
After carrying the tiny tot outside in the afternoon sun, mum Gaysha set the cub down safely in their heated outdoor shelter before taking the opportunity to stretch her legs.

London Zoo keepers – who have been keeping a close eye on the family via CCTV – captured the adorable moment the determined youngster followed in mum’s footsteps, tumbling onto the soft grass along the way.

Kate added: ‘We were all holding our breath with excitement as the cub tottered around, using all its strength to clamber after mum – it was incredible to watch the youngster find its ‘tiger feet’ for the first time.’

Recordings from the zoo’s hidden ‘cubcam’ showed 10-year-old mother Gaysha cleaning and feeding the rare newborn just hours after the birth


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