Love Trunks All! Caring Mother Elephant Helps Her Struggling Baby Up A Slippery River Bank To Safety In South Africa

A mother elephant helped her calf up a muddy river bank to safety on the plains of South Africa.

In wonderful footage that shows love really does trump all, the parent is seen crossing a body of water in Kruger National Park.

The footage, captured on Sunday, shows a herd of elephants making the crossing.

For the fully grown mammals the stream is a breeze. But for the baby it is more of a challenge.

Mother elephant helps baby out of the river with her tusk

The baby male is seen struggling to make its way up the slope. Its little legs spin madly but it cannot get a grip.

However, its mother comes to the rescue by giving it a helping hand and nudging it up the bank with its sizeable trunk.

In the amusing clip the calf slips and slides, struggling to get a grip with his front legs

Mother to the rescue: The elephant calf is given a helpful push from its mother as it struggles on the slope
‘Elephants are extremely social and caring of one another, especially of their young,’ said the animal enthusiast who took the film.

‘Seeing such incredible caring and kind behavior between mother and baby was a truly amazing and inspirational experience.’

African elephants are easily spotted because of their big ears, which are far larger than their Asian counterparts.


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