Lion wakes up lioness with a bi.te, but immediately regrets it

Waking someone up from a nap isn’t the most popular decision. Yet, this male lion though to give it a try. But all he got was to learn his lesson on the hard way!

In an odd rare footage, a majestic lion is quietly approaching a sleeping female to give her a romantic wake-up (at least that’s what he thought). However, the things quickly turned into a nightmare, and not for the lioness, but for the male himself. Safari guide Joshua Loonkushu witnessed the hilarious moment and captured it on camera.

The lion makes all his efforts to get unnoticed as he silently approaches the female. Once he gets close enough to her, he bites her – a decision he instantly regrets. Within moments the angry lioness is on her feet and she starts swiping at the lion with her sharps.

“I couldn’t imagine that the male lion was going to behave like this,” the 32-year-old guide said. “He got up and kept on creeping towards the lioness, almost stalking. He was taking all effort to keep as silent as possible.

“As he got to the lioness, he bit her! It took the lioness exactly two split seconds to go from fast asleep to be in defense mode. In my 8 years of guiding, this was the first sighting of its kind! I’ve never seen something like this.”

Although the male’s gesture was very impolitely, moments after everything got back to normal between the two lovers. They both got back to their pride, where they have been seen cuddling each other. “Soon after this scuffle, the rest of the pride joined the two, hugging them as if they were asking what was the matter,” Loonkushu revealed.


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