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Kittens found abandoned on the side of the highway get adopted by a kind policeman

The stories of abandoned animals make us get angry with the people who decide to leave their pets.

Recently a police officer found two kittens left alone on a highway in Jackson County.

The little babies were scared and confused staying next to the highway a whole day. Thankfully, they were unharmed. Poor babies were mewing for water and food.

It’s so good to know that they appeared in careful hands. It was those hands that eventually couldn’t let the kittens go. The kindhearted officer Wheeles gave them a ride in his police car.

The next step naturally would be taking them to a shelter but the officer decided to adopt the kittens.

It’s not the first time when police officers rescue animals and then adopt them.

Soon the man shared the news on his Twitter asking people to suggest names for the kitties. Many users suggested names related to Indiana or the police department.

Eventually, Mr. officer named them Indy and Ana. Now, these little palms of happiness are safe and enjoying their lives with their human friend!