‘It’s twins’: Couple show off adorable cubs they adopted after mother bear rejected them at zoo they were born in

A Wisconsin couple have their hands full caring for two new additions to their family, after they adopted twin bear cubs that had been rejected by their mother.

David and Lana Fechter, who run a wildlife reserve on their West Bend property, took in the male cubs from a Chicago zoo.

And while they are small and adorably cute, the couple say the nine-week-old Siberian bear cubs are keeping them on their toes.

Buckets of love: The twin bear cubs are being raised at a Wisconsin wildlife reserve

Curious: The inquisitive cubs have been named Lewis and Clark after the American explorers

At the moment the cubs are in an inside enclosure, and are being bottle fed, but when they are a bit bigger they will live on the Shalom Wildlife reserve.

The inquisitive bears have been named Lewis and Clark after the first explorers to venture into the unchartered West.

‘They’re like a 2-year-old where they get into everything,’ Mr Fechter told WISN, adding that they needed a lot of attention.

‘They’re already starting to get their own personalities, and we need to respect them,’ he added.

The cubs, who could grow to be 1,000lb, will be given a large natural enclosure to live in, as soon as they become more independent.

‘We are going to build a huge environment for them. It will be a two-acre pen with a pond and ridges,’ Mr Fechter said. He added that the bears are friendly but ‘they are still grizzly and will always have to be treated with caution and respect.’

Bear hug: Lana Fechter and her husband David are tending to the cubs after their mother rejected them at the Chicago zoo they were born in

Playmates: The nine-week-old cubs keep each other entertained

Adorable: The cubs are living inside for now but the wildlife park’s owners are keen to introduce them to a more natural outside enclosure

Nap time: Tired from all their exploring, Lewis and Clark take a snooze on a chair

Part of the family: David Fechter holds up one of the adorable cubs

Rough and tumble: The twins are always ready to play

Snug: The cubs like to snuggle up together when it’s time for a nap

Trouble: Raising Lewis and Clark is like looking after a couple of two-year-olds, their owners say


Source: dailymail.co.uk

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