Horrible De.ath: Ferocious Bear Stret.ched Out His Neck And Cu.t Off The Deer’S Web In The Garden

These are the remarkable scenes as a large brown bear hunts down and kills an adult deer inside the garden of a suburban home.

The shocked homeowner captured the images on a mobile phone a few seconds after the bear launched its terrifying attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The footage starts moments after the bear springs on to the deer’s back, wrapping its huge paws around its victim’s side.

Bloody battle: The bear pounces on the deer and grips its victim’s body between its paws.

Going in for the kill: The huge carnivore sinks its teeth into the neck of the deer, which screams for its life.

As the bear sinks its teeth into the deer’s neck, the homeowner retreats further away from the hungry animal.

The deer can be heard screaming desperately as it tries to edge its way forward, away from the bear.

After a few seconds, the deer collapses on the ground, with the bear chewing on his neck.

Someone in the background tells the cameraman: ‘Be careful. Don’t get too close or he’ll attack you.’

The footage has been viewed more than 500,000 times after going viral on YouTube.

It lasts for almost a minute, with the deer still conscious and screaming out for its life.

But to hasten its demise, the bear lifts up the deer’s neck with its teeth in an effort to cut off the blood supply to the animal’s brain. The bear’s claw marks can easily be seen on the deer’s hide.

The final minute of the deer’s life was filmed by the owner of the backyard.

To hasten the deer’s end, the bear lifts its neck, cutting off the blood supply to the head.

Source: http://newslivelink.com/horrible-death-ferocious-bear-stretched-out-his-neck-and-cut-off-the-deers-web-in-the-garden/

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