Homeless Cat Is Unrecognizable A Month After His Rescue

Blessie Mae Ayalde discovered a homeless cat on the streets of the Philippines damaged by fierce typhoons while out on a bike ride with her father in November of last year. Blessie was astonished to see a little gray cat’s face peeking out of the dirt puddle.

The young woman had not expected to find the homeless cat alive, but when she saw him blink, she approached and began calling him; to her astonishment, the small creature, who turned out to be a female, rushed to her call. She wanted to take her home, but she didn’t have a method to get her there, so she had to leave her there that night.

Blessie apologized for not being able to take the homeless cat with her right now. The young lady recalls:

“She was quite talkative and enjoyed snuggling.” She began stroking her entire body and head against me, like if we’d known each other for years. ‘Oh, this cat wants me to assist her,’ she realized.

The young woman got up the next morning, still thinking about the small kitten, and went to the location where the kitten was.

According to Blessie:

“That night, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about her.” So I got a reusable bag and went back to where I discovered it the next morning, thinking she was still there.”


Blessie discovered the kitten when she came, but she now appeared weak and unwell. As soon as she spotted her, she meowed and approached her, recognizing her, but her vitality had clearly deteriorated as the hours past.

The kitten was taken by the young woman, who brought her home to care for her. She dubbed her Alon and used a syringe to give her a bath and feed her, gradually restoring Alon’s strength.

The cat began to exhibit her individuality as a result of the young woman’s affection and care; her appearance also altered dramatically.

blessie remarked:

“I believed he was a kangaroo since he loves to run around the house and hop about so much.” She has a lot to say! Her meows are unbroken and unstoppable. She even learned how to grab our attention from my other cat, and now she always cries out to us.”

Blessie noticed Alon was covered in automobile oil, and when she changed the soaps and gave him another wash, she discovered a gorgeous fluffy white fur underneath.

Blessy continued:

“I recall giggling a lot since I had another cat that looks just like her.” They both wear the same coat with the same design. Because of how similar they seem, my family frequently confuses them.”

Source: petstv.net

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