Hello world! Polar bear cub gives a wave to the cameras at German zoo which is asking for the public to name it

An adorable polar bear cub looked content while undergoing a medical inspection to check its condition and sex, even appearing to give a wave to the cameras.

The yet to be named cub was born on November 3 to Tonja and first presented to the world in December last year.

Despite the check-up another examination at the end of the month will be needed to clearly determine the sex of the newborn.

Butter wouldn’t melt. The cub appears to be trying to smile for the camera as it undergoes a medical check-up at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin

A wave to its fans? The fluff ball raises its paw to the camera looking as though it is acknowledging the photographer’s presence
The two-month-old fluff ball still has a wobbly crawl but zookeepers say it will be walking with increased stability in the coming weeks as its continues maturing.

The now 67 centimetre long predator was born in Berlin’s Tierpark Zoo and the zoo has launched a campaign asking public for name suggestions for the cub.

Dr Knieriem from the zoo said this is the first polar bear litter the park has had in 22 years, so this particular cub is very special.

Video footage of the bear surfaced last month of falling flat on its legs after it attempted to get up in the enclosure.

The bear and its mother ‘will emerge from the mothering den, and be on view for visitors, for the first time on Friday, 24 February,’ says zoo director Rasem Baban.

Veterinary doctor and zoo director Dr. Andreas Knieriem (left) with animal caretaker Detlef Balkon (right) while inspecting the unfazed cub

The well behaved predator is ready to get weighed. Another check up will clearly determine the sex of the cub say Tierpark Zoo

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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