Ginger Kitten Found Crying Alone Gets Rescued And Finds A New Home

Meet Pebble, a tiny kitten was found crying all alone on the streets. He was rescued and was fostered by a foster mom named Rachael who lives in Oklahoma City. Despite being abandoned, he is still sweet and cute. He purrs, makes biscuits, and begs for cuddles from his foster mom. And of course, no one can ignore this adorable kitten.

Not only does Pebble love cuddling, he also loves eating. He snacks on soft kitten food several times per day. Yummy! He also likes to play and explore everything around him. Just like other kittens, he is a master of sleeping. He can sleep anytime and any place. However, the best thing to do in the morning is go back to bed. It’s so cute!

With the love and care of Rachael, Pebble now becomes a happy and handsome cat. He finally found his forever home with a wonderful owner. We are happy to know that Pebble is now in good hands, and we are sure that he will be loved and cared forever.

Thank you for saving, fostering, and finding Pebble a new home. Your work is awesome, and you are a great person! God bless your warm heart!

If you love Rachael and her work, you can follow her on Instagram. You can support her to help more cats in need by donating here. Your small donation will save more cats and help them find their forever home.

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