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Feral Kitten Gets Rescued From Fruit Stall Hiding Under Lots Of Crates

A man was buying fruits when he heard a kitten crying from the fruit stall. The guy asked the shopkeeper, and he told that there was a stray kitten who had been lived here for few days. She was hungry and continually cried. She might be abandoned by her mother. Knowing that the kitten was in need of help, the man asked to take her home.

The tiny and starving kitten was scared and didn’t come out, so the guy tried to find her. She was hiding under a lot of crates, so it was difficult for him to catch her. Luckily, the shopkeeper helped him to remove all crates. After failing several times, the man finally caught the kitten. She was tired and needed to relax, so the man took her home.

As a feral kitten, she was not friendly and was afraid of humans. She just ran away and hid when the man got close to her. She couldn’t stop meowing and hissing. It was clear that she needed more time to become more friendly and adapt to her new environment. Although she was very aggressive,  the man refused to give up her. He tried his best to gain her trust and make friends with her.

We hope this sweetie will calm down, and she will get the love and care that she so richly deserves. Once she is more friendly, she will be a great companion who is willing to bring so much love and joy into your life. Thank you for saving her and giving a second chance at life. God bless you and your family!

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