Everyone loves a cuddle with mum! Bear cub clambers up on to its mother’s back for a nap by the river

This little bear cub has picked a comfy place to take an afternoon nap so shouldn’t be grizzly when he wakes up.

The heartwarming scenes, captured by professional photographer Denis Budkov, 35, during a trip to Kuril Lake in Kamchatka, in Russia, show the animal family have bear-ly a concern in the world as they play and snooze in the sunshine.

He sat and watched as the mother, who was also already lying on the banks of the lake,- became a makeshift sofa for one of her playful cubs.

Time to get up: One cub wakes up while the other bear-ly stirs as they are snapped after they take a nap on banks of a lake in Russia

Protector: The massive mother bear takes a look over her shoulder as one of her cubs puts a tiny paw on her side, hopeful of a cuddle
The photographer spent hours watching the young family from a safe distance – with the normally ferocious animals appearing comfortable with his presence.

‘I noticed this family – a mum with two cubs. Then after a while, I noticed something unusual, which I had never seen before – the cub climbed onto his mother like a chair,’ he said.

‘He looked very comfortable, and stayed there for nearly half an hour. The mother looked less impressed, but seemed so tired from looking after her energetic babies that she just stayed put.’

Play time: The family of bears splash around in lake Kamchatka. One cub reaches out to the mum who lovingly looks back at her brood

Snuggle time: One bear cub takes a comfortable nap on the back of his mother as she lies by on the bank of a lake in Russia

Heartwarming: One of the cubs clambers on to the mother’s back, with water from their dip in the lake clearly visible as they enjoy the sunshine
The bear family are part of a huge population found in the Kronotsky Reserve – known as the Kingdom of bears – thanks to its huge population of the animals.

The bears are guarded by the state to prevent illegal poaching and hunting – meaning the bears are more friendly towards humans without the threat of violence.

‘Though we should understand that bears are very dangerous animals, with them being probably one of the most unpredictable and emotionless creatures, the bears here are pretty friendly.

‘They are used to people and understand that people will not do them harm. As long as you respect them and nature, they put on incredible shows of nature at its best and most raw.’

Hard life: All three bears settle down for a nap after spending time playing in the calm waters of Kuril Lake in Kamchatka

You snooze, you lose: The mother seems to spy the fish swimming by as they lay on the bank while the cub seems completely oblivious

Extra padding: The baby bear makes the most of its mother’s thick fur as they dry off in the spring sunshine

Dried off: One cub clatters another with its paw as they play fight in front of the mother bear on a sunny day in Russia

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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