Dramatic Moment Two Crazy Kings Of The Jungle Rush Into Each Other In A Love Triangle

This dramatic footage shows two lion brothers coming to blows with one another in a ferocious battle for supremacy.

The fierce fight for dominance unfolded right in front of shocked tourists as the ruthless siblings argued over a female lioness.

Priya Hetul Chandaria and her husband, Hetul Dineshkumar were visiting the Maasai Mara in Kenya when the pair collided in a clash of claws close to their vehicle.

The brothers, from the Fig Tree pride, are called Kaka and Maridadi and are well known at the national reserve.

In the video filmed from the tourists’ vehicle the two lions can be seen tussling on the floor and striking each other with their huge paws.

The two brothers try to bite each others manes and bare their teeth in the fight before walking off.

Priya, a 36-year-old accountant from Nairobi said: ‘Kaka was seen near a small puddle, he was very thirsty after mating.

‘The female lion was sitting behind him but she got up and sneaked away from him.

‘We thought she was going to the same place where they were mating again but she must have spotted Maridadi.

‘After Kaka finished his thirst and looked up to tell the female “lets go” he couldn’t find her.

‘He went mad looking for her in circles, usually from the smell of the female lion’s paws the male lion can tell which direction the female has gone in.

‘In the meantime we went looking for the female lion and later she was found with the brother male lion, Maridadi.

‘Kaka finally saw the female lion with Maridadi hence the fight that happened between the two brothers.

‘Kaka being weak was defeated at the end and both the lions went their own way.

‘The female lion disappeared straight away. We tried looking for Kaka who was injured but he went into hiding.’

Source: newslivelink.com

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