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Dalmatian Couple Adopts 5 Foster Kittens And Raises Them As Their Own Babies

Saving a life is no easy task, but saving five little lives is even harder to do! Yet the two beautiful Dalmatians you see in the video below have no problem with looking after a life in need, even if it isn’t one of their own.

Dalmatians Louie and Lady are no strangers to raising and nurturing puppies, and they apparently also do a great job taking care of kittens.

The couple has adopted no less than 5 little kittens, and together they look like the perfect family, as it has come to the point where these kittens recognize the loving dogs as their parents.

Seeing how peaceful and happy they all look together, it’s hard to believe they are not all of the same species. As it turns out, cats and dogs can get along just fine. Or maybe that only applies to kittens and dogs. Oh well, it’s a start.

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