Cat Is Over the Moon to Have Kittens in a Warm Abode and Purrs Her Way Through Every Day

About a month ago, a pregnant torbie cat was transferred to Animal Welfare League of Arlington (an animal rescue in Virginia) for a chance at a better life.

She was about two years old and an instant love-bug when she arrived in foster care. The expectant cat mom, named Freckles, was so eager for attention and couldn’t get enough of all the petting.

She immediately flopped on her side, lay on her belly, turned up the purr motor and started kneading away with her fluffy front paws.

Freckles seemed so elated to have a roof over her head, an all-you-can-eat buffet within reach, and loving humans to rub her face on. She was hungry for affection and excited to wake up every morning to a caring family that indulged her with all the cuddles. Over the next few weeks, Freckles met every resident in the house, both human and furry kind, and she won them right over.

She was enamored of her foster mom, Asa, and would curl up in her lap and wave her happy paws in the air when they hung out together. Freckles was completely reveling in the cushy indoor life, feeling safe and loved.

“She was enjoying all the chin scratches as we patiently waited for babies,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

One night out of the blue, Freckles decided it was time to settle into the nest prepared for her, and started having contractions. She seemed relieved to have her foster mom nearby, cheering her on, as she birthed six healthy kittens into this world.

“It was a long night for the new mama, we were up until about 3AM. Everyone is healthy and happy which is all that matters.”

Freckles immediately began mommy duties, feeding and cleaning her demanding six, catering to their every need. She hardly left her nest for the first few days. Asa brought food to her bed, so she could replenish while tending to her kittens.

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