A Stray Kitten Sneaks Into A Pizzeria Demanding The Chef To Adopt Her

A few months back, a stray kitten wandered into an Australian pizza. She crept into the kitchen by ducking under the back patio door.

When Dave (aka Grumpy Chef Dave) saw the small feline visitor, he was taken aback. She rubbed her hands against his legs, pleading for love and attention.

Dave had no intention of being adopted by a cat, and she had no intention of leaving. She felt well at home as the lad lifted her over her shoulder.

As she rumbled with her purrs, the cat nuzzled her face with her ears. She then settled back on her shoulders and declared it her new favorite perch.

Dave asked around the neighborhood to see if someone had lost a cat, but no one claimed it.

The cat nestled up on his lap and purred to sleep just as he was ready to go online to look for a prospective home. It was impossible for the man not to interpret it as a sign.

“Who could argue with a face like that? She is now a full-time member of our newly formed chew and tenderness team “Dave remarked.

Ratbag the Vandal, his kitten, was taken to the vet for the first time. She had been vaccinated and had been microchipped. She would never have to live on the streets again.

This is how a mischievous kitty gets a new home after wandering inside a pizza one day.

In the warehouse, Dave set up a feline obstacle course for the small girl to enjoy. Anything that moved enticed the tabby to play with it.

Ratbag is snoozing next to Dave. He occasionally places one of the cushions extremely near to his head.

The kitten walks on top of Dave’s head as he falls asleep every night before going to bed, then kneads the pillow and her human’s face as she drifts off to sleep.

Dave discovered the kitty in his kitchen a few months ago. The tabby has progressed tremendously.

As a shoulder kitten, the kitten began her journey. When her human is using the computer, she enjoys playing with it and is always on the lookout for moths.

Every morning, Dave is greeted by a playful and happy tabby cat who demands hugs and attention before beginning her day.

Source: petstv.net

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